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English Version of the Emma Watson Poem:

February 21, 2010

On one Thursday night a series of braided rain falls,

On streets that are full of grumpy engines,

In a small pizza house, under a neon sign I met her.

The blond hair rising into the sky,

and the grumpy face with an apple like smile,

Just looking at the silhouette, just looking at the shadow,

I knew it was her.

It can’t be a human, no way,

Did an angel stutter its right foot and fall,

Did a goddess come instead of Jesus,

She just laughed.

Light, Amoled, Bling Bling, Angel Force,

I lost my consciousness.

The name is Emma, the Last name is Watson.

Hermione is the number one of Hollywood,

No human can dare to go against her,

I look at her with awe.

Wingardium Leviosa,


***Note, I couldn’t translate the four character letters in English, so I just added a simpler version of the meaning!


Thoughts on the Poem zzzzz (Credits go to me and my friend in America…zz)

February 20, 2010